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Vegetable Juice Benefits – 10 Different Vegetables To Inspire You To Drink Vegetable Juice!


Vegetable juicing may not be as popular as fruit juicing. There are many people out there who are more interested in juicing fruits instead of vegetables simply because they normally taste better and they are easier to juice but what if I were to tell you that vegetables contains a whole lot of minerals, nutrients and vitamins that can rival those found in fruits?

These vegetable juice benefits include things like improving your energy levels and can help reverse aging.

Let us go through the list of vegetables are look at the health benefits of each different vegetables so that it makes more sense why you should juice or eat them!

Cabbage Juice Benefits



Cabbages are rich in anthrocyanins, beta carotene (surprise..surprise), sulfur and Vitamin C. Cabbage helps improve colon health, encourages healing of stomach ulcers and is a potent antioxidant against cancer.

Broccoli Juice Benefits



Broccoli is rich in Vitamin A, C, E and K. It is also rich in folate, calcium, niacin, potassium, carbanol and beta carotene. This combination of vitamins and minerals makes it a powerful antioxidant and energizer. It has been used in a variety of vegetable juice recipes to improve your energy levels for this reason. It is also great for cleansing, helps fight cancer and promotes general healing. It has also been used for cataracts. Note that drinking broccoli on is bitter so you should try mixing it with something sweet.

Broccolini which is a smaller version of broccoli also gives you the same nutritional benefits as broccoli.

Cauliflower Juice Benefits



Cauliflower juice is not used in a lot of vegetable juice recipes simply because it is difficult to make them. You really need a masticating or triturating juicer to get the best juice yield out of it. It is high in Vitamin A and C. It is also high in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. This makes it really good for building strong bones and teeth. It also improves digestion and bowel movement. Folate helps in cell formation. The antioxidant properties help reduce oxidative damage and may play a role in preventing cancer.

Beet Juice Benefits



Whether or not you are eating the roots or leaves, beet is high in iron, calcium, Vitamin C, potassium, folate and manganese. Iron builds red blood cells while folate is good for cell division and growth. It is also good for your liver and gallbladder. The traditional way of drinking beet juice is to mix it with other vegetables like celery or cucumber as it is quite potent.

Celery Juice Benefits



Celery is used a lot in foods but is it really that good for our health? Celery has quite a number of health benefits as a vegetable. It has Vitamin A,K and C and also sodium. The Vitamin A and C gives it antioxidant properties while sodium is an essential electrolyte that helps replenish low sodium for example after a workout. Celery also helps in the flow of urine and hence detoxification.

Cucumber Juice Benefits

cucumber health benefits


Cucumbers also has Vitamin A, C and K. This makes cucumber good for your eyes. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting while Vitamin C, well need I say more??

It also contains manganese, calcium, phosphorus and sulphur. It also helps to detoxify your kidneys.

Cilantro Juice Benefits

cilantro health benefits


We don’t use too much cilantro in our daily food preparation. It is also known as Chinese celery. Although Cilantro is used as a spice, it is very good at removing heavy metals like mercury and aluminum from the body. Cilantro also has antibacterial properties.

Kale Juice Benefits

kale health benefits


Kale is just like cucumber and has the same types of Vitamins. This means that it is a good antioxidant and is good for the eyes. It also detoxifies and cleans the liver. Kale is also high in potassium but I must warn you that Kale alone might not replace potassium loss if you ever have that problem. I would still advise you to get professional medical advice before consuming bucket loads of Kale.

Greens Juice Benefits

turnip greens


Greens like mustard greens, collard greens and turnip greens are known to have high iron content. Just about any green leafy vegetables have high iron content which is great for building red blood cells. They also help with constipation. Greens can be difficult to juice on conventional juicers, therefore use masticating juicers. It is best to mix greens with carrots, apples or any other sweeter fruits so that it is more palatable to drink them.

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Spinach Juice Benefits

spinach health benefits


Spinach is great for blood formation due to the high content of folate. Spinach will make you stronger but of course it won’t turn you into popeye! Minerals like selenium and phosphate can also be found in spinach. Just like most of the other vegetables it has Vitamin A,C and K.



I hope this list of benefits will inspire you, my readers to take up the habit of juicing vegetables or even eat vegetables (for a start…) You might have been nagged before to eat more vegetables but I can promise you If you haven’t found a vegetable dish that you’ve enjoyed why not try these vegetable juicing recipes below:

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