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Juicing Recipes for Energy

pink grapefruit

We all need an energy boost sometimes. Most of us will think of energy drinks and a caffeine boost in the morning. Some of us top up by drinking more of those beverages later during the day. But what about an alternative to all this and even possibly a healthier alternative!… Juicing recipes for energy!

There are quite a number of juicing recipes for energy. Below is a video that shows you one:


Now we will look at 4 different juicing recipes to give you that boost in energy levels whether you just got up from bed or need a boost halfway at work or to help you get some good night sleep. So grab your pen and jot down these recipes!

#1 Bye Bye Red Eye

The first juicing recipe that will help increase your energy levels is called Bye Bye Red Eye. This recipe incorporates a number of very common fresh fruits and vegetables.

One of them is the cauliflower. Bet, you didn’t know that you could make fresh juice out of it… 😛

Cauliflower contains an abundance of calcium and magnesium. Apart from giving you strong bones it also helps boost your energy levels by promoting sleep. Sleep is important for everyone and without the right amount of rest every night, you will definitely find it hard to keep going throughout the day.

In addition to that, lettuces like the romaine leaves used for this recipe has a sedative effect which means easier to drift to sleep. For some, getting an afternoon nap after taking this juice recipe will make it easier. The combination of the cauliflower and romaine obviously gives you more rest and hence the name “Bye Bye Red Eye”…




4 romaine leaves

3 medium carrots

½ cup cauliflower

½ lemon, peeled


Juice in the order listed above.

Stir and serve. This recipe yields 1 ¼ cups

#2 Citrus Power!

Want an instant lift to get you started through the day without consuming excessive amounts of caffeine??? Then… try this combination of citrus fruits to kick-start your energy levels!

This juice is packed with carbohydrates, Vitamin C, simple and complex sugars. This combination will give you instant and sustained energy throughout the day. Complex sugars give you sustained energy while simple sugars give you instant energy and of course, the fibre content in this juice keeps you satiated.

Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of iron which is a powerful promoter of stamina and endurance.

pink grapefruit



2 oranges

½ pink grapefruit

½ lemon


Juice all ingredients with a juicer or manually by hand.

Stir and serve immediately


#3 Flower Power

People who have long term problems with low energy levels should consume more fresh produce. Remember… the fresher the better. If you can afford it, go completely organic, it would do wonders for your health. The same goes for juicing.

This recipe is one of them. It contains cauliflower and broccoli. Broccoli is an energizer and is great for cleansing your system. Magnesium from cauliflower is a powerhouse when it comes to energizing nutrients.





2 beet green leaves

1 cup cauliflower

4 medium broccoli spears


Juice all ingredients in the order listed

Stir and serve immediately.


#4 Popeye Picker Upper

This final juicing recipe to help boost your energy levels is a rather unique one. It looks at a few very unlikely combinations namely, watercress and apple. Watercress is a very spicy cousin in the mustard family but the apple balances the spiciness with its sweetness. It is often recommended that watercress helps fight anaemia.



1 handful of watercress

1 cup spinach leaves

1 apple, cored


Juice all ingredients

Stir and serve immediately


Tools You Need

Here are some essential tools you will need to juice each of these delicious recipes:


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  • Martin Cooney August 18, 2012, 8:59 am

    OK, I’ve already made my feelings known about my dislike for broccoli but you’ve definitely got me with Citrus Power. That sounds absolutely yummy and time to add grapefruit to the shopping list.

    Oh yeah – that’s a great and simple juice recipe that’ll be delicious.

    • admin August 19, 2012, 5:37 am

      Hey Martin,

      Great to see you around here! Glad that I’ve convinced you on this one. I think most people will prefer having grapefruit juice than broccoli

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