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Wheatgrass Health Benefits

Well, before we start ranting about whether or not, wheatgrass carries any significant health benefits; let’s first analyze what wheatgrass really is. So, to give you a very quick and brief idea about wheatgrass, I would describe it simply as a common type of wheat plant. Its scientific name is really confusing and difficult to remember: Triticum Aestivum.

Wheatgrass is very different from wheat malt and you may either prepare it freeze dried or fresh (this depends on you). The dominant content in wheatgrass is chlorophyll.

Are there any Wheatgrass health benefits?

Yes, there are countless health benefits of drinking freshly prepared wheatgrass juice! The high chlorophyll content makes wheatgrass juice a lot healthy to drink. There are people who would go for wheatgrass juice only once in a while, but those who understand the diverse health benefits that wheatgrass juice offers, consumes it regularly and live a healthy life. You can begin to experience the health benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice within a week’s time.

Indoor grown wheatgrass grows from 8-14 days b...

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[box type=”info”] Following are few of the health benefits that wheatgrass juice has to offer you!

  • Increased level of alertness and high energy, lasting throughout the day,
  • Joint pain minimized,
  • You would feel comparatively more rested and thereby, a lot fresh,
  • Healthier nails, hair and skin,
  • Strong Immune system,
  • Protection against carcinogens,
  • Reduction in cravings and an overall better health profile.


Wheatgrass is actually, young and freshly sprouted wheat that resembles grass. It takes shape of a spinach looking vegetable within just 7 days time! People, usually, believe that the marvelous health benefits of wheatgrass can be attributed to its rapid growth rate and the inter-conversion of sun’s energy into the plant. Once grown, you can simply cut the plant-blades and chew them (remember not to swallow them) or you can juice them with a juicing machine.


How often should you consume fresh wheatgrass juice?

Well, the ideal way would be to take one glass of freshly juiced wheatgrass, around an hour before your regular meals. Avoid combining wheatgrass juice with other drinks or fluids. You may start from 1 ounce a day and move up to 6 ounces a day, gradually.

There are a number of healthy vitamins, enzymes, nutrients and fresh chlorophyll content in wheatgrass juice and all of these beneficial components function in unison to make your body remain healthy. It is a common saying that only 1 ounce of fresh wheatgrass juice equals almost two pounds of fresh vegetables! Amazing!

Wheatgrass juices, not only rapidly cleanses your body but it heals your body thoroughly by removing the toxins and detoxifying your body. A great number of people turn to wheatgrass juice, to combat against cancer disease, arthritis or diabetes. You may hear success stories of healing from such people about miraculous health advantages of wheatgrass.

Now, if you go to some bar or café to have wheatgrass juice on a daily basis, that would cost you a fortune in a year! So, how should you have it then? Juice wheatgrass at home! You can either purchase fresh wheatgrass or you can grow it at home with the help of an easily available wheatgrass kit. To juice it properly, you will need an appropriate electric wheatgrass juicer. Juicing wheatgrass at home is not only fun but its also more efficient and money savvy!

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