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Delicious Celery Juice Recipes and Its Health Benefits!

celery juice

Not so many people are great fans of this vegetable let alone drinking juice made from it… Yesterday when I asked 2 friends what they think about celery, they mentioned that “It goes pretty well with salads…” I am sure it does but little did they know that the celery can be juiced. Today I am going to show you a few different celery juice recipes that you can make from your house. Making them is a no brainer. Yes, it is that easy.

Great celery juicers for this recipe:

Great celery juicing ideas for this recipe:

1. The Vegetarian Celery Juice Recipe That Detoxes Your Body

This recipe only has vegetarian ingredients and it is mightily healthy and refreshing.

celery juice recipe with cucumber and broccoli



3 celery sticks with leaves removed

2 broccolis

1 cucumber, sliced

Instructions: Gather all the ingredients above and juice them in a juicer / blender.


Why Drink This Recipe?

Some of you may cringe at the vege overload in this recipe but I can assure you the freshness of the cucumber and celery sticks will keep you feeling awake and refreshed for much longer than a cuppa from Starbucks. The high amounts of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus in broccoli is good for your bones. In addition to that the combination of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 is a collection of vitamins that is good for various biochemical processes in the body. Broccoli also helps your liver get rid of toxins better.

Some people believe that the combination of these three ingredients helps our body detoxify better. Whether or not this is true, I can assure you after drinking it myself that this is a darn good recipe to try out at home. In fact, it really doesn’t taste bad at all. Initially, I had a bit of reservations with the broccoli in it as it can taste quite bitter but I was wrong so don’t wait!

Try this at home!

2. Celery, Carrot and Beet Juice Recipe

This celery juice recipe is one of the most delicious vegetable juice recipes that I have ever made myself. It is certainly not one that I’ve invented myself but rather a mixture of ideas gathered from online recipe sites and prior experience drinking different juices.

Believe me, this juice recipe is a MUST-TRY!


A bunch of kale with at least 6 leaves

3 carrots, sliced

2 Beets, sliced

Instructions: As usual get all the ingredients you need. Make sure you wash them properly and then start juicing them! You will get a nice bright mix of healthy raw vegetable juice!

Why Drink This Recipe?

The combination of vitamins, betaine from beetroot, antioxidants from each different ingredient makes it an awesome juice to have. Drink it for breakfast or just before you go for a run. You’ll be surprised where all the energy comes from.



Other Celery Juice Recipes you can try!


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Picture Of Delicious Celery Juice Recipes and Its Health Benefits!
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Celery Juice Benefits


celery benefits


Did you know that some athletes drink celery juice just before their runs or any physical activity. Here is what this amazing vegetable has in store when you eat it raw and fresh!

Nutritional Benefits

Love salt but afraid of causing elevated blood pressure? Then try celery. It has big amounts of sodium to satisfy your body’s needs for sodium on a daily basis without causing high blood pressure.

When eaten, celery leaves are high inVitamin A. Vitamin A is good for your eyes and to remove all oxidants that can cause damage to cells in your body.

The stems has Vitamin B and C. It is also rich in sodium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.

There are other minerals that have a calming effect once eaten or drank as a juice. The magnesium helps you to relax and prepares you for a nice restful sleep.

Other Incredible Health Benefits

Anticancer properties:  Just like broccoli, celery has potent anti-cancer compounds that help prevent cancer growth. Compounds known as acetylenics prevent the growth of tumour cells. Coumarins, a phytonutrient also helps prevent development of stomach and colon cancer cells. It also mops out free radicals from our body.

Anti-inflammatory properties: Luteolin, a flavonoid found in celery inhibits inflammation by preventing the production of TNF-alpha. Another compoundknown as polyacetylene also helps relieve inflammatory symptoms in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Therefore, if you think that glucosamine or fish oil doesn’t seem to relieve you of pain or arthritic symptoms, try celery juice!

Finally…Other Vegetable Juicing Recipes

If you love the idea of making celery juice recipes, then you should try our other recipes using vegetables. They are healthy, wholesome and really easy to make.


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